In addition to offering our services as real estate consultants, we also offer you personalized legal advice in different areas of action so that lawyers in our firm advise you personally
OBJECTIVE: To guarantee our clients a safe and agile management of all legal, administrative and documentary aspects with proximity, discretion, excellence and trust.


  • Family law (divorces, separations, filiation, ..)
  • Succession law (inheritance, testamentary dispositions, ...)
  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Lease right
  • Evictions
  • Criminal law,
  • Claim in Traffic Accidents.
  • Unpaid Claims
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bankruptcy and Corporate Law
  • Contracts
  • Foreign law
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Document Management
  • Management for sale
  • Rentals. Contract, tax and legal advice
  • Mediation in differences between lessor and lessee during the term of the contract
  • Study of the feasibility of real estate operations
  • Financial Economic Study


At LEGAL VILLA ROSES, CUSTOMIZED LEGAL ADVICE is one of our most valued services.

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